Our Services

How Much Will It Cost?

We price each job individually because each situation is different. Some of the factors that can impact the cost are:

  • Your location (how far you are from our headquarters)
  • How accessible is the tree
  • What's under the tree (buildings, plants, pools, etc)
  • How big the tree/project is
  • What equipment and personal are need to do the job safely
  • How much material needs to be hauled away, and how far it needs to be hauled

It's difficult to give an accurate estimate without seeing the actual trees because everyone's definition of a "big tree" or a "little tree" is different, and homeowners don't always understand the complexity of a job.

If you'd like to get an estimate, schedule a time for us to come out to your home or business.

Tree Removal

Complexity: Medium to High
Depending on the location of the tree and what's around it, removing a tree can be the most complex job we do, or it could be simple.

Time: 3 hours for small trees, up to 2 days for large projects.

Cost: Minimum $200 for very small trees or easy jobs, up to $2500 for large trees.


Stump Grinding and Removal

Complexity: Low to High
If the stump is near the street and/or easily accessible it can be very straightfoward. Stumps on hills, next to buildings/fences, or in a tight area it's more complex.

Time: 20 minutes to 3 hours

Cost: Minimum $150, upper end $1000

Tree Pruning (Trimming)

Complexity: Low to High
The location of the tree and how accessible the branches that need to be trimmed, are, and the density of the tree are all factors. Trees on hills, next to buildings, fences, powerlines, or in tight areas make it more complex.

Time: 20 minutes to 3 hours per tree.

Cost: Minimum $150 up to $900 per tree.


Storm Damage Clean-up

Complexity: High
Typically dealing with trees and branches that have come down in inconvenient places. We will chop up and haul away, while minimizing additional damage to your structures/cars/fences/etc.

Time: 1 hour to 1 day per home.

Cost: Minimum $200 up to $3000.